Sims 4: All about Oasis Space Port (fantasy savefile)

For this chapter of the fantasy save, we imagine a world for the aliens. A bustling hub of activity, rocket ship launches and sprawling markets: many a treasure can be found under the trader`s tents of Oasis Space Port.

But be careful … a more wretched hive of scum and villainy does not exist anywhere else in our #Fantasysave. Illegal spice traders, twilek slave trade and evil alien overlords getting rich off the suffering of others.

Oasis Space Port Info

Original Maxis World: Oasis Springs

Build StyleSee build challenge here (and more details about build style). House ships / (like house boats), tents, space cantinas and more. Some ubermodern homes for the rich getting richer off the poor.

Races found in Oasis Space Port: Aliens and other space travellers

Affiliated worlds: Elvenburg, Port Sulani

Magic: Alien Mind control, Potion masters

Culture and values: A diverse society with different values.

Skills emphasis:  Rocket Science, Handiness, Programming

Additional supporting skills: Mixology, Charisma, Singing, Dancing, DJ mixing

Follow the #OasisSpacePort hashtag in the gallery to discover characters and builds for Oasis Space Port

♥OasisSpacePort Dancer♥ - [Sim] - Ihilmamu Twilek - [640x640]

Follow the #FantasySave hashtag in the gallery and follow this blog and my other social media if you would like to be part of the journey of creating a Sims 4 community fantasy savefile. We are transforming every world in the Sims 4 Universe to make space for elves, gnomes, bounty hunters, pirates, witches, mermaids, vampires and vampire hunters, aliens and much more! Watch this space!

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> Next #Fantasysave livestreams  22 August, 11 am EST – New York time. (CAS creations for Oasis Space Port)

> #Fantasysave livestream 29 August, 11 am EST – New York Time (Build tours for Oasis Space Port)

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