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Sims 4: All about Gnome Creek

Sims4_Gnome_Creek (2)

In a sleepy corner of the world, tucked away between forests and fields, the Gnomes of Gnome Creek have managed to continue their somewhat sheltered and domestic life, away from the hustle and bustle of other neighbouring magical worlds.

Gnomes live close to the land and love working with their hands. Most still cook with cauldrons, although some bakers swear by enchanted witches´ stoves or the wood burning kitchen stoves. When the weather is suitable, most Gnomes can be found in the garden; gardening, beekeeping or arranging flowers. Most aspire to a quiet and simple way of life, although some mechanically minded gnomes can be found tinkering away at the woodworking table.

All about Gnome Creek - [Room] - [591x394]

Gnome Creek Info

Original Maxis World: Willow Creek

Build Style: Cozy fairy tale cottages, burrows and toadstool houses and some steampunk (For more descriptions see the build challenge for Gnome Creek HERE) ♡ Cute Fairy♡ - [Sim] - Elaira the Greenling - [640x640] (2)

Races found in Gnome Creek: Mostly gnomes with the occasional fairy and dwarf.

Affiliated worlds: Sylvan Glen (Fairies)

Magic: Some gnomes are spell casters, they practice mostly practical magic and white magic and some potion making.

Culture and values: Value nature and a connection to nature, resists modern technology and progress, delights in the every day. Seeks peace and aspires to the quiet life.

Skills emphasis: Cooking, Gardening, Flower Arrangement, Knitting (once released), Baking, Handiness

Additional supporting skills: Herbalism, Archaeology, Beekeeping, Fishing

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