Little Red Riding Sim : My Twitch channel

Goals for channel:

  • Make it a fun place for people to hang out
  • Create a space for people feel recognised and valued and contribute with their own amazing content.
  • Make friends with people who share my interests, laugh, talk and have a great time!
  • GROW!

Here are our current emotes for the channel! When you subscribe you will have access to one for each tier. Use them in discord or in any twitch chat. I will make them ALL available on Tier 1 as soon as we unlock more emotes (as we gain subscribers).

Access to these cute emotes is one of the benefits for subsribers! I hope to make lots of content, tools and prizes available to my subscribers.

>>> Subscriber only content can be accessed via THIS panel or visit “Exclusive Subscriber content” extention on the channel page. Any hiccups feel free to contact me! <<<


The more people who subsribe, the more emotes we will have /unlock (Sounds like a Dr Seuss book LOL!).

Badges for subsribers!



Thank you for subscribing! Now let’s watch your pumpkin grow into a beautiful carriage!

Subscribers have access to:

  1. Exclusive subscriber only content (Access via “Exclusive Content for Subscribers” below this panel).
  2. Free Social Media tools, Custom Content creation tools and media
  3. Once off: Sims 4 portrait/edit by me of your simself or OC. Examples: HERE and HERE
  4. Using your fairy dust (channel currency) to purchase cool stuffs, gift sub, tickets for giveaways etc.
  5. Sims 4 requests (including rooms, sims and builds) OPEN! (Lot size no bigger than 30×40 please). Example
  6. The Little Red Emotes (right now, it’s only 1)

Tier 2&3 Subsribers:

Are you crazy? Why’d you do that?? Let’s see … umm …

  1. Collaborations and projects
  2. Help and support to advertise your streams, projects and social media.
  3. Even MORE emotes! LOL!