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Sims 4: All about Elvenburg

ElvenBurg_Sims4_WorldsaveAt the heart of the kingdom, nestled between ocean and mountains, the Elves rule from their stronghold in Elvenburg as the the most powerful spell casters and sorcerers of the world. Elvenburg is a centre for trade through its fleet of ships and harbour, but it is also a centre of knowledge and provides training and rigorous study opportunities.

Elves are masters of architecture and some of the towers can be seen all the way to Gnome Creek. Elves study strategy through chess, a beloved game between elves. For other races, Elvenburg is a place of rest and relaxation and visiting a pool or spa in Elvenburg will restore and revive weary magic travellers.

Elvenburg Info

Original Maxis World: Windenburg

Build Style: See build challenge here (and more details about build style). Stone, lofty towers, pools, fountains and gardens,  some more simple tudor and fachwerk homes.

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Races found in Elvenburg: Only Elves, but other visitors, traders and tourists can be found here from time to time.

Affiliated worlds: Elves can be found in many locations all over the world. Trades with Port Sulani and Oasis Space Port

Magic: Home to some of the most powerful spell casters and sorcerers.

Culture and values: Elves value confidence and seek strong relationships with others. While some may view them as vain, elves are introspective, meditative and seek opportunities for growth. They seek knowledge and aspire to an enlightened life through discipline and study.

Skills emphasis: Charisma, Logic, Wellness, Archaeology

Additional supporting skills: Herbalism, Vampirelore, Mixology

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>>> Next livestream about Elvenburg 30 May, 11 am New York time.

7 thoughts on “Sims 4: All about Elvenburg”

  1. I love the lore behind the world – you could write a whole story set in the world of this fantasy save! Beautiful screenshots and elven Sims! I’m looking forward to the livestream!

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