Favoured by Maxis

I never knew, but I have an official EA gallery page, this is their selection of my work and contains households, builds and rooms favoured by them. You can find my official gallery page if you are signed in to the EA website.

Here are all my creations favoured by Maxis, I am so proud of my favours and hope you will enjoy them too:

  1. Condo Kitchen
  2. “Don’t forget your lunch” (Kitchen)
  3. Perfectionist Kitchen
  4. Modern Girl Nursery noCC
  5. Easter Egg Hunt
  6. Cozy Dining Room
  7. Blue Moon Artist Studio
  8. Apartment Buildings (30×40 lot)
  9. like Mother like Daughter (Cowplant farmers?)
  10. Marriage Material ♥♥♥ (The perfect husband?)
  11. Adelaide, Patricia & Pandy (Fancy in Brindleton Bay)
  12. Blue Retro Kitchen (Apparently is more green to some …)
  13. Dr Dan and Doggo (Looking for love …)
  14. ☆Captain Clumsy☆ (Accidental hero? …)
  15. Bonnie’s Summer Garden (You want to see this dog!)
  16. Feelin’ Witchy (Realm of Magic … hype!)
  17. Tribal Forest Elf (my passion for elves meets vanilla/ nocc)
  18. << Kitchen Haven >> (warm colours, perfect lighting)
  19. Chic Industrial Kitchen (Featured on the main menu! Basegame with some additions listed, basegame version available in my catalog too > HERE)
  20. Last of the Von Haunts (cause I would like them to enter my current game. I hope you play them too!)
  21. Beautiful Summer Fairy
  22. Wellness & Fitness trainer (made for the Spa day refresh)
  23. Fairy Princess Wedding

Dr Dan and Doggo - [Sim] - Doggo - [640x640] (2)