I use Maxis/EA meshes for most of my designs, copyright belongs to them and not me. I wish to credit them for their meshes too.

© I hereby wish to credit PNG Tree for images sourced from their website.  I am a free category user who, in accordance to the Terms of Use, restrict myself to a maximum of two downloads per day.


I also have permission to use some fabric designs from the original creators/ artists of the fabric. However, this is usually done under the agreement that I am not earning money from it. In other words, if you re-upload my custom content to another site and place it behind a paywall, I am unable to honour this agreement with them. For this reason, I urge you: PLEASE DO NOT PUT MY CC BEHIND A PAYWALL  or re-upload to a different site. My cc will always be available without ad-fly. If you cannot find an item feel free to contact me.

Beach Vibes Toddler Set

License bought on Creative Market, Summer Vibes by Sceptical Cactus.

Please do not claim my creations as your own:

  • However, there is no need to credit me for using my rooms (on the Sims 4 gallery) in your builds / lots.
  • All Households I create are also for you to use, remake, make-over, play with and do with as you please.
  • Please do not re-upload my rooms or lots to the Sims 4 gallery and then claim as your own.
  • Be kind, be fair, give credit where credit is due and be respectful of all artists involved in my designs.
  • I am always available on twitter and tumblr to all of you!Adelaide, Patricia&Pandy - [Sim] - Pandy - [640x640]