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Sims 4: All about Hazard Harbor (fantasy save world)

HazardHarborWe have 3 worlds in the fantasy save file so far. For this chapter of the fantasy save, we imagined a world for the humans. Blissfully unaware of the other races, the third rock from the sun is almost all but destroyed, but the humans are making a come back or maybe just surviving … time will tell.

Different factions and tribes can be found in Hazard Harbor. Some survive through raids and selling items on the black market, while others have opted to make self-sustaining pods and live through hydroponic or greenhouse gardening. There are also rumours of a whole community under ground! Their relationships with AI, cyborgs and robots are also in flux. Some believe it will be the only way to regain the majesty of their world, while others believe them to have been at the heart of disaster and chaos that struck.

Hazard Harbor Info

Original Maxis World: Evergreen Harbor

Build StyleSee build challenge here (and more details about build style). Bunkers, abondoned buildings, crates, terrarium like pods.

Races found in Hazard Harbor: Humans, cyborgs and robots

Affiliated worlds: Humans live unaware of the other races (at first).

Magic: None

Culture and values: Humans are diverse and possess a great deal of ingenuity. They are survivalists and survive through their resourceful nature. Many scavenge to survive, while others employ the help of technology, robots or cybernetic implants to make a life for themselves.

Skills emphasis:  Logic, Robotics, Gardening, Mechanical skill

Additional supporting skills: Mixology

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Robot Apocalypse - [Family] - [591x394]

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