Sims 4: Secret meeting outside the castle (Elves, cc list)

♫ Snow white mountains in an ancient place, tell me someday we´ll be together …

Sims4_cc_elvesOutside the castle of Tradunus two elves meet in secret. It´s a cold morning in The Hollow. For now, their soldier duties wait, to give way to precious stolen moments together.


These two castle elves made an appearance on my twitter for our Monday playlist and some have asked for me to make them available for download with their cc lists. I also hope to write them into the Battyboots storyline at some point.

Sims 4 Elves, CC list and Download:

Elf soldier (girl) – Available on EA gallery

cc ::: Goblin ears by TekriSims (This Version: Clean) ::: Valentina blush by Saggitariah ::: Cara hair by Anto (you need the alpha mesh) ::: Hair retexture by Furansims ::: Bentonite lipstick by RemusSirion ::: Eyelashes by Plumbobjuice (Skindetail version) ::: Default Eye replacements ::: Default Skin by IsLeRoux (recommended but not essential) :::

Main outfit: Spooky Stuff

DOWNLOAD (download cc first)

Elf warrior (male) – Available on EA gallery

cc ::: Eyebags by Tamosims ::: Mouth Corners by PralineSims ::: Elf Ears by Notegain ::: Default eye replacements :::

Main outfit: Get Famous


  • All outfits / clothing are no custom content from packs (click on pack icons
    in gallery picture to see which items from which packs.)Elf_cc_Sims4
  • Any problems feel free to contact me or on twitter
  • I often publish my out takes on instagram… follow me there to see the pics that don`t make it onto the official blogs




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