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Sims 4: Magic Poses now available


Our pose collaboration is finally finished and the poses are ready for download on Retrogamer’s tumblr. Just in time for Sims 4 “Realm of Magic”! He titled them “Enchantment Poses” and they really are so enchanting! I will probably make the sim featured here available for download with her cc list on this blog in future. Be sure to follow the blog for notifications when she goes live.


Interested in these magic poses?

Tumblr: DOWNLOAD (poses)

SFS direct link (if you don’t have tumblr).



So proud to have made the pictures and edits for this project!

8 thoughts on “Sims 4: Magic Poses now available”

    1. Thanks so much Kilra! We’ll be working on some occult men ones soon! And thinking of running it as a challenge together, so watch this space if you want to participate! xxx

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    1. Thank you so much, Mena. You can find the unedited ones in #RethaSim-Chat in Selvadorada discord, if you’re interested in the process! xxx It takes discipline for someone like me to choose “the best” ones! LOL! I get so overwhelmed! All the pretty pictuuuures!

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