Sims 4: Princess Cordelia Maxis Match Makeover


Last year, on the 8th of August, Maxis released for the first time a household with Princess Cordelia. We know parts of her story through items (and their descriptions) shared in the game and pieced together so delightfully by Chrillsims3 in his Simfacts youtube video.

Last night, I wanted to do something for SimGuruMorgan for her birthday. Her being Princess Cordelia´s number one fan, I settled on a Maxis Match makeover for the Princess Cordelia by Maxis.

My Princess Cordelia is now available for download on the  gallery, but you will first need the cc before downloading for her to place correctly in CAS.

Princess Cordelia CC list

::: Ear rings (Vintage Glamour Stuff pack) ::: Dress (Vampires) ::: Hair (basegame) ::: Eyebrows (basegame) :::

  • Essential cc:

::: Crown ::: Eyes ::: Skintone  ::: Blush ::: Eyelashes (Skindetail version) ::: Eyeshadow ::: Lips :::

  • Highly recommended

::: Highlighter 2 ::: EA eyelash remover ::: Necklace ::: Mouth Corners :::

  • Recommended but not essential

::: Default skin replacement :::

Find her on the EA gallery (enable view cc) – Gallery ID RethaSim or DOWNLOAD HERE

*please note to download the cc listed here FIRST before downloading the sim for it to work


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