Sims 4 cc

CC list for my Strangerville character


::: Hair ::: Eyes ::: Blush (1) ::: Blush (2) ::: Eyelashes (all versions) ::: Eye Shadow (me) ::: Skintone ::: Highlighter ::: Nails ::: Eyebags ::: Freckles (alternative, since the original blog is deleted from what I can tell) ::: Necklace :::

Tori is up on the gallery (Gallery ID: RethaSim). Pose credits to Juupo45 and PusheenSims. If you cannot find them on tumblr, I will be happy to provide a link for you. You can message me here or on tumblr or twitter. Thank you so much!

I am also including this highlighter by LadySimmer94 >> HERE <<, as the tray importer picked it up. It’s a really sweet one and a great addition to your cc in any way! Oh and her freckles could be a good alternative freckles too! They’re adorable!

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