Strangerville Pub

“The Hungry Cowplant” pitstop and pub

03-31-19_11-34-20 PMhungrycowplant.png03-31-19_11-48-33 PMYou’ve taken the wrong route and landed up at Slip42 in Strangerville. It’s time for a soda, some ice cream or even some cake? Or maybe you need something stronger, it’s been a long trip and the locals are a bit strange. You convince yourself you can stomache it … it’s shabbychic … and who said junk couldn’t be pretty … upcycled (isn’t that what they call it now?)! It’s charming! But after a few mood altering drinks you start wondering where the essence is coming from … 


  • Made for Slip 42 in Strangerville (20×15)
  • No custom content
  • Shared on the official EA gallery
  • Built around the Junkyard theme for the #NinniPub challenge

03-31-19_11-35-23 PM

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