Sims 4: Elvenburg May Build Challenge

We´re taking the next step into creating a community #fantasysave by using this hashtag and #Elvenburg on the EA gallery. This month, we are transforming Windenburg into Elvenburg. Choose one of 4 build styles for this world, see poster below!

Over time, we hope to transform every world / neighbourhood and include many races and realms for fantasy sims. So please follow the blog for more updates (hit the follow button on the right, or if you are on mobile scroll down all the way to the bottom).


Be sure to add the lot´s name in the description of your creation. Builds can be very specific to a particular lot, so be sure to let us know in case you don´t make it to the stream, and also for the future downloaders of your lot! It also helps me prep for stream more effectively! Thank you!

New to the fantasysave? Check out the blogposts for Gnome Creek HERE & HERE.

>>>> “All about Elvenburg” blogpost HERE

6 thoughts on “Sims 4: Elvenburg May Build Challenge”

  1. This is so much fun! I guess my build could fall under both of the first categories, which makes me glad (got a little too excited and built before you officially announced this month’s challenge, lol). I forgot to mention that my build was created on the 20×20 lot!

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