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Bohemian Spring Child – Sims 4 cc list


Some Saturdays I participate in #SimspirationSaturday tag on twitter. Here is a sim inspired by this artwork by Jellypuffer on DeviantArt. While my sim started out in a white dress, I opted to dress her in yellow, since the background colour for this artwork really captured the essence of the mood I was going for. Ultimately, it is about being insipred, more than making an exact copy. To see other sims and ideas in the creative process you can go here. And without further ado, here is my sim and cc list for this creation.


Find the cc here:


:: Default Eyes (Nyloa HoPu eyes, deleted blog) :: Eyelashes :: Lipstick :: Headdress (Mediafire – Sorry) :: Blush :: Dress :: Hair ::

DOWNLOAD this sim on the EA gallery (after downloading this cc first) or HERE (dropbox)

Optional extras:

::: Earrings ::: Rings ::: Nails::: EA Eyelash Remover ::: Face Tattoo ::: Highlighter ::: Mouth Corners :::

Any queries or comments, feel free to reach out on my social media and dm`s.

Thank you to SimplyAnjuta and Juupo45 for your beautiful Sims 4 custom poses!

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