The Witch’s Cat

04-06-19_12-33-37 PM

It was a magical day in Willow Creek. We had settled into a routine, making the most of our weekends together. On Monday, Thad would have to leave early to catch the train to San Myshuno, but the sun was still out and we had time. Time to catch the last sunbeam to happiness. Time to hold him close and take him in before the work week.

04-06-19_12-37-57 PM.pngAs we made our way to Magnolia Bakery, arm in arm, our bodies moved together in a slow stroll without words; the sweet smell of summer filling the air. It was there that I found Gobelino. They say to cross paths with a black cat is bad luck, but I was filled immediately with a sense of quite the opposite. I stretched my arm out to him in apprehension, but I felt sure he would come to me. It was like I knew him already. I don’t believe in past lives, but if I did, we had met each other in one of his nine.

“Oh Thad, can I keep him? He will be company for me when you’re away! I need him! Look at him! Is he an alley cat? He’s so thin! Mommy needs to fatten you up! Feed you lots of treats!”

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“BB, he’s filthy! Are you sure you want to pick him up?” Thad replied, in what appeared to be disgust. Nonetheless, he continued to find the bakery’s owner. From what we could gather, this little kitten hung around the local cafés, but belonged to no one and they even seemed relieved at the possibility we would take him home.

08-01-19_1-29-37 AM.png

The full moon rose over Magnolia Promenade. I felt elated, like something had woken up inside me. It stirred like a primal part of me that had been obscured by the passage of time.

“Come, my little witch with her black cat,” Thad teased me as we made our way home.

“I shall call him Gobelino. Gobelino, the witch’s cat …”



Thad and BB are characters from my story “Battyboots”. Their story begins here. I have not posted for it in a long time, as we were moving countries and I want to learn posemaking to tell the story the way I would like to. I hope you will follow their story. It is very much a story about magic.

Thad was found on Llama Match and is by ROCKSTEADY1413. 

“Gobelino, the witch’s cat” is a children’s story from my childhood. My story was inspired by that title.

I am a July Participant in “It’s Magic” (Novice participant) for Sim Lit.

2nd Place Novice

Novice Participant july.jpg


26 thoughts on “The Witch’s Cat”

    1. I cannot wait for her to discover that she posesses magic. Meeting Gobelino will be the first step! So excited for her journey of discovery! Thanks for visiting and reading!

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    1. It’s so sad really! I keep meaning to write it, but I get stuck when I can’t find the poses and time is scarce recently! So hope the posemaking tutorials are gonna give me the push I need to get it done! Such a long process with Simblr stories! LOL! Thanks for being such a great supporter of their story Mena! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! I’ve enjoyed reading each episode! And yes, it is a long process, and frustrating when the sim won’t / can’t do something you really need for the storyline, lol. 💕

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  1. That kitty is so darn cute! I’m like katrinasforest, I had Pets installed since forever, but haven’t played with a pet yet. After I finish reading all the challenge stories, I’m going to! Your story was good. I love the motivation you gave BB to have the kitten. Thad really couldn’t say no since Gobelino would keep her company while they were apart. Clever thinking on BB’s part 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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