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Sims 4 Vampires Gamepack: Creating for “The Witching Hour”

My friend and regular reader of this blog, Mena Buchner, bought me the Sims 4 Vampires gamepack for my birthday. When I protested, she asserted that she was making a gift to herself too, as she couldn’t wait to see what I would create with the new items. It was such a sweet sentiment and beautiful compliment that I have really tried to purposely use this pack in my latest creaions. I am using it so much now. Thank you for this amazing addition to my game, Mena! I hope you like what I have done.

Quite fitting, I have submitted some creations using this pack for “The Witching Hour” by BoiSimmer now. A firm favourite Sims 4 Machinima series on youtube amongst us friends. I hope you will check it out! Here are two creations that might be featured in Season 2!

Bea’s CC list:

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Bea can be found in the EA gallery in my catalogue (Gallery ID: RethaSim). Please enable “Include cc” in your search categories. She is dressed in only no Custom content, but has the following cc items if you wish to download her:

“Crow” Hair by Nightcrawler / Highlighter by LadySimmer / Eyebags by TamoSims / Nails by Salem C. on TSR / Moon Choker by Enriques4 / Skintone by Ms Blue on TSR / Eyelashes by Kijiko (all versions) / Eyeshadow by RethaSim / Whisper eyes by DangerouslyFreeJellyFish (non-defaults) / Blush by Sagittariah / Lips overlay by Taty86/ Mouthcorners by Pralinesims/ Neuron Lipstick by RemusSirion / Bentonite Lipstick by RemusSirion /

Party outfit: Face jewelry/ Nose Piercing by JomSims & TOBY Dress by Sondescent

I use: ** Kijiko EA eyelash remover **

The Rose & Thorn Greenhouse Cafe:

  • no custom content
  • Forgotten Hollow, 30×30
  • Fully functional Cafe/ Coffee Shop
  • Contemporary build (renovated conservatory/ greenhouse)




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