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Sim Worlds Inspired Outfits for Summer

Ten worlds, 10 colours and ten outfits, inspired by all the different worlds in Sims 4. Each sim is wearing Sims 4 base game paired with unique items from game packs and expansion packs to represent a summer look from each location in Sims 4.


From left to right:

Red: San Myshuno – Orange: Sulani – Yellow: Willow Creek – Green: Brindleton Bay – Sky Blue: Del Sol Valley – Dark Blue: Windenburg – Plum purple: Forgotten Hollow – Lavender: Selvadorada – Bright pink: Strangerville – Rose Pink: Granite Falls

Some sims have been released on the gallery for download:

  1. < Summer in SanMyshuno >
  2. ♥ Summer in Windenburg ♥
  3. Bonnie’s Summer Garden
  4. Snooty in Sulani ★ (A Get Famous Story … )

More to follow … find me on the EA gallery: RethaSim

Poses by KSsDesign (tumblr), PusheenSims

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