Hair Flower accessories for Sims 4
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Sims 4 CC: Flower Accessories (wedding)

Looking for some flower accessories or flower crowns for the perfect Bohemian Wedding in Sims 4? Here is Maria (the bride to be), during a maxis mix photoshoot and bridal shopping fun.MariaWedding (2)
Sims4FlowerCAccessories (2)1. Flower Wreath – by Nolan-Sims (no ads)

2. Blossom’s Crown – by Plumbob Tea Society (no ads)

3. Head Accessory (Frangipani) – by S-Club (on tsr)

4. Sanguine Rose Accessory – by WeepingSimmer (no adfly on this link)

5. Head Accessory (Frangipani) – by S-Club (both versions are found here)

6. Unisex Flower Crown – by WeepingSimmer (no adfly on this link)


4 thoughts on “Sims 4 CC: Flower Accessories (wedding)”

    1. Also, if you are more Maxis Match then you might like this clayified version by Furansims (however download the Mesh by Anto FIRST). Any questions, ask away!


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