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Fortune teller of Selvadorada – cc list

02-10-19_5-03-23 PM

Meet Maria Olivares of Selvadorada. Is this our year for witches in The Sims 4? I do hope so, but more than that, I hope for many ways to customize the characters. In particular I am hoping for many additional skills, including a divination or fortune telling skill.

Some of my friends in The Sims 4 will know that I am quite obsessed with the idea of making gypsies and fortunetellers. So Maria here is not my first creation of her kind. I am introducing her on my website today, because I don’t want to interrupt the flow of my current tumblr story and recently, a friend commented to me that I am a bit slack with cc lists and giving credit!

02-10-19_5-03-22 PM

I made her for a fellow simmer as a birthday gift. So Happy Birthday to you LilacLydiaDeetz, you are amazing! You inspire me every day with your unique style! Maria is minimal cc and only requires a few items. She is available for download on the gallery.

:: Lashes :: Hair and Scarf :: Eyeshadow :: Necklace :: Forehead Tattoo ::

10-26-18_10-52-06 AM
If you would like to see more edits of this gypsy witch, you can find them here.

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